Tabbed PuTTY = PuTTY + PuTTY Connection Manager

If you are forced to work on Windows Machine. This is very neat solution.



nginx0.9.4 + PHP-5.2.17 + PHP-FPM

Just an update to this post at

cd /usr/local/src

sudo wget
sudo wget
sudo apt-get install make bison flex gcc patch autoconf subversion locatesudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libbz2-dev libpcre3-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libmcrypt-dev libmhash-dev libmhash2 libcurl4-openssl-dev libpq-dev libpq5

sudo tar xvf php*.gz
cd php*

sudo ./configure –enable-fastcgi –enable-fpm –with-mcrypt –with-zlib –enable-mbstring –disable-pdo –with-pgsql –with-curl –disable-debug –enable-pic –disable-rpath –enable-inline-optimization –with-bz2 –with-xml –with-zlib –enable-sockets –enable-sysvsem –enable-sysvshm –enable-pcntl –enable-mbregex –with-mhash –enable-xslt –enable-memcache –enable-zip –with-pcre-regex