OpenSSL AES 128bit Encryption on Linux/FreeBSD and Decryption in C#.NET

This tutorial works great.


RSA Encryption + LZMA Compression

I developed a tool in C# to do RSA encryption way back, but I didn’t like the giant file size of encrypted data. The main cause is that RSA encryption takes just around max 80 bytes as input due to the limitation or Algorithm, so it almost always requires multiple blocks of encryption.

So, I’m planning to integrate the LZMA compression and RSA encryption. Once everything done, I will post a chart of file-compression ratio.

The candidate encoding Sequence will be: File Input -> LZMA -> RSA -> LZMA -> Base64 in XML format
* LZMA will be done twice because the RSA is not compression algorithm but it makes larger.

Anybody done the similar task?
I’m also interested in AES encryption.