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OpenSSL AES 128bit Encryption on Linux/FreeBSD and Decryption in C#.NET

This tutorial works great.

Tabbed PuTTY = PuTTY + PuTTY Connection Manager

If you are forced to work on Windows Machine. This is very neat solution.


nginx0.9.4 + PHP-5.2.17 + PHP-FPM

Just an update to this post at

cd /usr/local/src

sudo wget
sudo wget
sudo apt-get install make bison flex gcc patch autoconf subversion locatesudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libbz2-dev libpcre3-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libmcrypt-dev libmhash-dev libmhash2 libcurl4-openssl-dev libpq-dev libpq5

sudo tar xvf php*.gz
cd php*

sudo ./configure –enable-fastcgi –enable-fpm –with-mcrypt –with-zlib –enable-mbstring –disable-pdo –with-pgsql –with-curl –disable-debug –enable-pic –disable-rpath –enable-inline-optimization –with-bz2 –with-xml –with-zlib –enable-sockets –enable-sysvsem –enable-sysvshm –enable-pcntl –enable-mbregex –with-mhash –enable-xslt –enable-memcache –enable-zip –with-pcre-regex

Scanner + Printer = Copy Machine

Multi-functional printer is just a combination of printer and scanner.
So, why don’t you make DIY copy machine in Linux if you have a printer and scanner?
Make sure your scanner is supported in SANE in Linux, and install scanbuttond for scanner’s button control.
scanbuttond seems no longer in active development, but it works OK in CentOS.

I added these commands in /usr/local/etc/ as follows:

In the button pressed event,

scanimage --mode lineart --resolution 300 -x 215 -y 297 > test.pnm
pnmtops -scale 1000 -dpi 300 test.pnm | lpr -PHL-2040
convert test.pnm /some/archive/`date + %Y%m%d%H%M`.pdf

So, whenever I press the button, it automatically starts scanning, then prints it out and archives as PDF.
The only thing that bugs me is the slow scanning time…

How to move SVN repository to other server.

On old SVN Server side:

# svnadmin dump your_repository_dir > repo.dmp

* This will take more than minutes.

On new SVN Server side:

# svnadmin create repo
# svnadmin load repo < repo.dmp

Note that taking a dump of repository does NOT dump the configuration files in repository.
So make you copy the conf directory.


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How to move /home to other drive.

Be careful to check if your /home is mounted or just a directory.
Thanks to IBM, following this instruction suffice for everybody.

I finally made the /home in software RAID 1… Next thing I need a UPS for the machine.

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