To Do List

* Install ubuntu 12.04 with megaraid SSD cachecade

* Set up CUDA 5

* Set up Virtual Machine

* Some Links on C# IDEs on Windows/Mac promising…

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GK Works

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Kiyoko Kuroda (黒田清子)

Genki Kuroda 黒田元気

Googlebot test…

Genki Kuroda (黒田元気)

Genki Kuroda (黒田元気)

Arduino Group in San Francisco Bay Area?

Is anybody interested in Arduino hobby group meeting on weekends?

My projects in the past are here.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

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OpenSSL AES 128bit Encryption on Linux/FreeBSD and Decryption in C#.NET

Samsung NPF File

If you find NPF file extracted from Samsung Phone, finding a solution?
It’s actually a mdb file used in Microsoft Access.

I confirmed this by changing the extension .npf into .mdb, and just open the file with Microsoft Access. Even legacy Access 2003 was fine to open this file without any issue…

You’re welcome. I helped my friends to do this, and I hope to help more people in the same situation. Thanks.

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