Personal Projects

Personal Projects

* Task Coach Weekly Effort Viewer (XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX)
You can try viewing your last one week efforts by pasting your tsk file in the raw XML section. Or just click the sample button.

* Weekly XML Schedule Viewer (XHTML, JavaScript, XML, AJAX) Added March 13, 2009

* Image Library C++ Source Code (Image Processing, C++, STL, OOP, Targa (TGA) format)

* KBand Pairwise Comparison (Bioinformatics, DNA Analysis, Scientific Computation, C++, OpenGL)

* Tank Game (team project) (Computer Graphics, C++, OpenGL, Multi-player game)

* Web Server (Networking, HTTP, TCP/IP, CGI, Java)

* Database Term Project (SQL Server Schema Design, XML, Java)

* Finding roots of a Polynomial (Scientific Computation, C#, Memory Analysis)


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