SSE4.1 Hack

Many SIMD integer instructions are added to E8400 and Nehalem core CPUs

So, let’s see what we can do with the instructions:

Boring samples will be fibonacci or exponent e calculation?
BigInteger Implementation in C++ might be good candidate.
PMULD, MPSADBW will be powerful to use.

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CUDA using Eclipse CDT (C++ Development Tool)

CUDA’s sample projects uses some automated makefile which is not initially usable by Eclipse.

1. Create Eclipse Makefile Project

2. Modify

By default, CUDA’s makefile includes When I try to use the makefile, Eclipse complains “no target error”
So, I just added “all: $(TARGET)” in the target section in

Then, I tried Eclipse again. It complains “nvcc” not found. Great. Just modify nvcc into /usr/local/cuda/nvcc

Finally, everything works great.
Be sure that existing projects doesn’t have any side effects by modifying

My environment:
Mac Book Pro (Intel)
OS: OS X 10.5.2 (Leopard)
GPU: 8600M GT 128MB
IDE: Eclipse CDT (eclipse-cpp-europa-winter-macosx-carbon)

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