Task Coach Weekly Effort Viewer

wev_screenshotI don’t usually write about my personal projects, but this project: Task Coach Weekly Effort Viewer is getting interesting and I am using it for couple weeks.
It’s made in Java Script, CSS and XHTML. It’s read-only at this moment and missing many features.

By the way, Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists.

Here is why I started to develop this tool.
I have multiple clients, and need to keep track on how many minutes I spent for each client. So, I found Task Coach is very useful to do the job as Task Coach can keep track work hours as “efforts.”

Since the original authors claims Task Coach is at alpha stage in development. Some features are missing, especially visualization of efforts which I decided to make it by myself. I will update more on the project which everybody can make use of it at least with a simple sample data.