Found very good reference for C/C++ programmer to learn Object-C.

how to make API in python


I am going to make a middleware API system which integrate with Amazon API.

I am planning to use flask in python + mongodb + nginx for front end.

Demo site will be available hopefully soon here…

Digital Ocean

linode is great

Amazon (AWS) Import Export Service: Supported Devices.

313goaf9WHL._SL75_Generally a line of external drives from LaCie, MicroNet, Seagate, and Western Digital are supported.

Since they claim 16TB is the maximum volume size, I recommend something like this one from Lacie:

Researching open source CMS

Any suggestion?

Here is what I found so far:


To Do List

* Install ubuntu 12.04 with megaraid SSD cachecade

* Set up CUDA 5

* Set up Virtual Machine

* Some Links on C# IDEs on Windows/Mac promising…

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