How to convert kilometer / liter to mpg: mpg = (km/lt) * 2.35214583

In the USA, MPG is an almost required index to see how efficient a car can get.
However, except USA, MPG is not so commonly used.
I find Europe and Japan uses kilometer per liter. Oops, how do we convert it to MPG?
Converting kilometer to miles and liter to gallons, then division?
It is very simple if you know some math, you notice all these conversions are linear, so you can make one time multiplication to convert it.

The simple equations are:

mpg = (km/lt) * 2.352
km/lt = mpg * 0.425


10 km/lt = 23.52 mpg
20 km/lt = 47.04 mpg

30 mpg = 12.75 km/lt
50 mpg = 21.25 km/lt

If you want to have more precision, this is for you:

#kilometer per liter to mpg

class kmpl2mpg: 
  def convert(kmpl):
    return kmpl * 2.35214583 # this is just a short cut
  convert = staticmethod(convert)

if __name__ == "__main__":
  import sys
    print 'KMPL2MPG(%.2f) = %.2f mpg' % (float(sys.argv[1]), kmpl2mpg.convert(float(sys.argv[1])))
    print 'usage: python 7.9'

Now you know Mercedes S400 Hybrid gets 29.64 mpg (12.6 km/liter)
Also you can check the result in google


8 Responses to “How to convert kilometer / liter to mpg: mpg = (km/lt) * 2.35214583”

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  3. jerry Says:

    your page fails to say
    is the Gallons USA gallons or Imperial 1.2 bigger.
    big difference.

  4. Xd Says:

    I guess that since the article talks about USA being the one of the few country using MPG, I guess it would use USA Gallons measure…

  5. alot of money and no fuel milage - Page 4 - Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum Says:

    […] out mpgs…tried a couple sites and get just about same answer everytime. Go to this website: How to convert kilometer / liter to mpg: mpg = (km/lt) * 2.35214583 Make something: Software Enginee… AND IF you use IMPERIAL gallons you need to convert that to either liters or US Gallon here: Fuel […]

  6. Art Shasteen Says:

    I live in Europe and here we are using liters per 100 kilometers. Not kilometers per liter…, just sayin’

  7. Bernard Farrugia Says:

    COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mpg=(km/litres)*2.824413

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